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GOMBOY 270 (MED Teeth)

SKU SI-121-27
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For a little extra draw consider the Gomboy 270mm multipurpose folding saw.

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Big Bear Tools offers Silky Saws GOMBOY 270 (MED Teeth)

  • Providing a better reach and extra draw for outdoor or indoor cutting jobs, GOMBOY 270 (MED Teeth) foldable cutting blades from Silky Saws, is a multipurpose heavy duty folding sheer blade devoted to efficiently split meticulous heavy-duty woodworks or any outdoor and indoor scraping works.
  • With its powerful precision, smooth cutting clasp, and compatibility with any kind of hand carving jobs, it is capable of providing the strongest support with pruning jobs or intermediate carpentry through its 270 mm (10. 6 in).
  • With its compact weight just roughly 280g, the easy to grasp rubber handle makes it extremely convenient to hold on.
  • Made with high-end Japanese steel, this portable incision tool is highly aggressive, 8.5 teeth per inch impulse hardened teeth, 1.3 kerfs cutting a slit, hard chrome plating, and with its well fit handle support for every kind of weather or laborious circumstances.
  • With its spring-loaded blade lock, it keeps any users safe from any kinds of lacerations or injuries.
  • This wonderfully made in Japan shear blades is excellent in any kind of outdoor or indoor heavy-duty scraping jobs, with its handy packaging making it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.

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