Big Bear Tools is Canada’s wholesaler of quality imported sharp/edge tools and related products.
From German landscaping pruners and Japanese hand saws to American arborist saws, Swedish axes and sharpening equipment, we have all the finest tools!

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Notch Equipment

Big Bear Tools Inc proudly represents the Notch Brand of Arborist products, which is part of the Sherrilltree family. The Notch brand represents a commitment to safe and proper care of trees with quality products.

From rope to personal protective equipment; line setting to climbing; rigging to cutting (pole saws, axes & hatchets, hand saws, etc.); Notch arborist products set the pace with a strong brand promise and a lifetime guarantee.

Try the Notch Big Shot, the Rope Runner Pro, the Jet Step Foot Ascender, or the Gecko Steel Climbers.

Notch— quality and value.

Notch Sentinel Saddle
Notch Sentinel Saddle
Notch Sentinel Saddle
Notch Throw Weight
Notch Throw Weight
Notch Throw Weight
Notch BackBone Mini
Notch BackBone Mini
Notch BackBone Mini
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