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Axes and hatchets, and many more quality Hultafors Tools from the dry marker shown here, to many precise measuring tools, knives, bars, wedges & chisels.

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Silky SUGOI Professional 330mm

Introducing a new size for the famous curved arborist scabbard saw.

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LÖWE 8.107 Anvil Pruner with Curved Blade

Discover the joy of an anvil pruner with curved blade, and ergonomic handle.

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You could start by exploring our axes and hatchets, where you will find many great Hultafors products!


Tormek's sharpening machines are designed for practically any type of edge tool.

The water cooled Tormek T-8 maximizes precision and has a revolutionary fully cast housing.

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Poison Hi-vy Rope 150ft 11.7mm — Eye Splice

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Poison Hi-vy® has a unique double braid construction that stays round when pinched by camming mechanisms, yet it is unusually flexible and knot friendly.

For tree climbers, rope is among the top four most important tools for work efficiency and comfort—the other three being the sit harness, safety lanyard, and handsaw. Without good interaction among these tools and your hands, movement within the tree’s crown can be something less than elegant. Popular among several of the world’s leading competition-level climbers, Poison Ivy is not only versatile for all climbing styles, but it’s affordable for all climbing budgets, too.

Poison Ivy has a unique double braid construction that stays round when pinched by camming mechanisms, yet it is unusually flexible and knot friendly. This construction delivers one of the most static (non-elastic) characteristics available in spliceable arborist rope, ideal for traditional climbers looking for limited “bounce” and especially attractive to SRT (single rope technique) climbers longing to abandon the need for two lines when doubled rope tasks are on the day’s agenda. Beefier to the grip than other ascender-friendly lines, Poison Ivy is still small enough to feed freely through mechanical devices like ascenders and descenders. Unlike other arborist climbing lines, Poison Ivy has no noticeable coating or fabric treatment to make the line feel tacky or slippery when new.

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  • Weight: 9.00 lb.
  • Certifications: No
  • Elongation: 1.8% at 540 lbs.
  • Meets ANSI Standards: Yes
  • Melting Point: Polyester melts at 480°F


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Big Bear Tools is Canada’s wholesaler of quality imported sharp/edge tools and related products.
From German landscaping pruners and Japanese hand saws to American arborist saws, Swedish axes and sharpening equipment, we have all the finest tools!

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