ARS-Japanese Hedge Shears

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These hedge shears really live up to their name! The units themselves are extremely light weight and well balanced, yet incredibly strong and durable. The blades are razor sharp and slice through the hedges with scissor like precision and accuracy, and engineered to efficiently cut from the fulcrum to the tip for perfect results every time with less effort. The razor sharp blades are made from high carbon tool steel and Marquench hardened for that famous long lasting ARS edge, and hard chrome plated for superior rust and sap resistance. If you are doing fine pruning and shaping, you just can't beat ARS shears!

This new design from ARS features longer straight handles. The pivot cap has been replaced with a screw retainer to maintain accuracy and requires less readjustment. The blade screws are larger and more secure - four times the torque of their predecessors! The shock absorbers are larger to take more of the force translating less to your arms. The shears are super-lightweight and have a smooth operation with larger shock absorbers for comfortable continued use. Blades are replaceable - uses the same blades as the HS-KR1000 shears.

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Blade Material: High Carbon Tool Steel
Blade Finish: Hard Chrome Plated
Handles: Aluminum Frame
Weight: 2 lb.
Overall Length: 30"

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