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CTB Tree Climbing Kit with Straps and Super Pads

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CTB Tree Climbing Kit with Straps and Super Pads

Climb Right CTB aluminum Climbers, by Spyder Manufacturing, with “Quick Change” gaffs

These new climbers feature a patent pending design which gives them strength, durability, and style. Unlike one piece climbers, the CTB Climbers utilize an aluminum lower J portion that is molded to exacting tolerances, and then is tailor-matched to an aerospace quality aluminum upright. These 2 pieces are tempered to T6 hardness for strength, clear coat anodized for added wear resistance, and assembled together with stainless steel solid rivets.

Another feature of the CTB Climbers is the dual purpose grip strip. This grip strip (also patent pending) provides added traction when walking on uneven surfaces such as tree limbs, and doubles as a wear strip to inform you when it is time to replace your J Hooks.

The CTB climbers also include Spyder Manufacturing’s new “Quick Change” style gaffs. These forged gaffs employ a rapid change 2-screw design, enabling the operator to switch or replace the gaffs with ease. In addition the top screw is fully threaded through the gaff, giving the operator a visual guarantee the gaff is completely tightened to the climbing stirrup.

Stop wrestling when you are replacing. Stop struggling when you are switching. Step up to the Climb Right CTB Climbers with the “Quick Change” gaffs!

  • Spike Length: 2 5/8"
  • Overall Length: 4 1/2"

made in usa

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