Deluxe Set of MHG Wood Carving Knives, Chisels and Whetstone in plastic pouch

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Brand: MHG Messerschmidt

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Deluxe seven-piece set— six quality carving knives/chisels and a sharpening stone in pouch, manufactured in Germany by MHG Messerschmidt.

(NOTE: pouch color and whetstone color may differ from photos.)

[tab name="Technical Specs"]

Set of six knives and a sharpening stone:

  • 1400.51—short angled edge (Carving Knife)
  • 1400.53—double-sided curved edge (Carving Knife)
  • 1400.56—narrow blade, angled edge (Carving Knife)
  • 1571.06—straight edge V-shape (Carving Chisel)
  • 1572.08—straight edge, straight blade (Carving Chisel)
  • 1573.06—straight edge, deep gouge (Carving Chisel)
  • sharpening stone 80x30


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