FELCO 310 Fruit Harvesting Pruner

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Brand: FELCO
FELCO 310 Fruit Harvesting PrunerFELCO 310 Fruit Harvesting Pruner

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One-hand pruning shear—essential snip for fruit harvesting.

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Big Bear Tools offers Felco 310 Fruit Harvesting Pruner

  • FELCO 310 Fruit Harvesting Pruner 185 mm, 110 g total weight, and 10 mm cutting diameter is a heavy-duty blade gear made in Switzerland. It is the perfect shear to be kept in one's toolbox for additional cutting work support.
  • This top of the class equipment from the Bear Necessities exquisite tool line up is a work of art, with blades are formulated to reduce resistance, giving smoother, easier, and faster cutting performance.
  • Engineered to perfection, it has plating with a strong surface which makes it resistant to rust and the effects of resin. It has security screws which delivers protection against accidental opening or closing of the blade.
  • Best used for pruning, trimming of lawn and garden. It delivers comfort to every use dedicated to providing cutting support for any kind of cutting-related jobs. Affordable One-Hand Pruner, it is simple to use, easy to carry, low maintenance, and can effortlessly adapt to diverse activities.
  • Picking and trimming snips equipped with two long, slender tab-notched blades which ensure easy access to grapevines that require pruning and fruits that need picking.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this tool can be used for any day to day cutting tasks or similar jobs.


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