FELCO-981 Sap Remover Spray

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This highly effective dissolvent easily cleans away resin, sap and dirt from pruning tool blades and counter blades. The dissolvent comes in a pump spray bottle and is easy to use. Just spray it on, leave it for a while and wipe away to clean your tool. The foaming action of the dissolvent reduces the need for large quantities of cleaner and provides an economical solution. Biodegradable and free from PTFE, silicone or VOC solvents, this remover is intended for both professionals and demanding consumers. This product complements FELCO 980 spray, which may be used later on to protect the blade and counter blade from moisture.

[tab name="Technical Specs"]

  • Eliminates resin residue from the blades and counter blades of all FELCO cutting tools
  • Very efficient and easy to use; for professionals and enthusiasts
  • Biodegradable, free from PTFE, silicone or VOC solvents, aerosol free pumping action
  • The foaming effect of the product decreases the need for large quantities of cleaner, providing an economical solution
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