FELCO Belt Style Leather Holster

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Brand: FELCO

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Same as FE-FELCO-910 without clip (belt loop only).

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Big Bear Tools offers Felco FELCO Belt Style Leather Holster

  • FELCO Belt Style Leather Holster is a stylish, practical, and economical holster with fastener for your ever-dependable equipment. This top of the class carry-on is designed to accommodate the shape of the equipment from our prestige Bear Necessities exquisite product line up.
  • Genuine leather, Made in the USA and Guaranteed FELCO quality. It is a work of art, as it provides safety and comfort to every use dedicated to providing support for your well-loved tools.
  • It effortlessly carry your equipment, engineered from top of the line materials which offers steady assistance to any kind of chores and terrain.
  • Easy to use, low maintenance, and can easily adapt to diverse pruning activities with the help of its portable design and engineered materials.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this product can be used for any day to day tasks or similar jobs.


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