Forged Hedge Shear - 10 1/2


Forged Hedge Shear - 10 1/2 CO-AH6970

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From the shaping of large shrubs and hedges, to the trimming of grass and other plants, Corona® meets the needs of professionals with a diverse line of innovative specialty shears built to exacting standards of craftsmanship.

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  • 10 1/2" Resharpenable, forged steel alloy blades
  • Lightweight, high-strength elliptical 12 1/2" aluminum handles
  • Fully heat treated for strength
  • Serrated top blade and limb notch in lower blade
  • Forged-in bumper cups with Shock Stop bumper


C$95.99 In stock
The Bear Necessities Fully heat-treated for strength. (0) 21 inch handles, 8 1/2 inch blades. (0)





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