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GOMBOY 240 (MED Teeth)

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Another best seller from the Gomboy family of saws, this multipurpose folding saw has a popular blade length of 9 ½ inches or 24 centimetres and 8.5 teeth per inch (10 teeth per 30mm). Capable of both carpentry or pruning jobs this is a truly versatile product!

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Big Bear Tools offers Silky Saws GOMBOY 240 (MED Teeth)

  • One of the best -selling foldable cutting blades from Silky Saws, this easy to use the multipurpose folding shear blade is dedicated to efficiently chop meticulous heavy-duty woodworks or any outdoor and indoor gash works. With its sharp precision, smooth cutting grip, and compatibility with any kind of hand carving works, it is capable of providing the most proficient support, most compatible with carpentry or pruning jobs through its 9 ½ inches or 24 centimeters and 8.5 teeth per inch (10 teeth per 30 mm) arduous teethed blade and 1.3 kerfs cutting slit.
  • With its lightweight roughly 240g, the padded rubber handle makes it extremely comfortable to hold on. Made with SK-4 Japanese high carbon steel, impulse hardened teeth and, hard chrome plating, with its, will fit handle it conveys an easy-grip no matter what kind of weather or laborious circumstances.
  • With its spring-loaded blade lock, it keeps any users safe from any kinds of lacerations. This beautifully made in Japan shear blades is very ideal in any kind of outdoor or indoor heavy-duty cutting jobs, with its compact packaging making it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.

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