Gyokucho Natural Waterstone A

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Brand: Gyokucho

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Natural whetstones from Kyoto are considered as the best quality stones in Japan. They are super fine finishing whetstones and are equivalent to #10000~20000.

Recommended for use following a #6000~#8000 artificial stone.

Great for sharpening kitchen knives and general tools.

*Your whetstone will not appear exactly as pictured.

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Approximately 6.5 × 3 × 0.875 inches.

Using a natural whetstone:

  1. The key in using a natural whetstone is to put just a little bit of water on the surface. To avoid cracking the stone, never soak natural stones in water.
  2. Start sliding the blade back and forth, and the water will quickly turn black. Don’t wash away this black water, as it helps polish your blade.
  3. Since it is a super fine finishing stone, you will not hear the regular scraping sound you hear when using artificial stones. There is almost no sound when you sharpen the blade with a natural whetstone.


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