HANDCRAFT Woodcarving Tool — Rotary and Reciprocating

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Brand: Tokyo Automach

HCT-30S HANDCRAFT woodcarving tool, by Tokyo Automach.

The HCT-30S is the same as the HCT-30A Reciprocating tool; however, it also includes a headpiece and bits for rotary-action sculpting, carving, and cutting.

The HANDCRAFT woodcarving tool is designed for swift and smooth cutting of most types of wood, particulary hard wood.

Quick and easy to use

  • Fit in a blade, plug the cord into an AC outlet, and you're ready to enjoy woodcarving.
  • The standard electrical cord makes handling much easier.

Safety design

  • Free-floating action keeps the blade motionless until it is pressed against the wood.
  • Rugged aluminum diecast body is extremely durable and damage-free.

Low power consumption

  • No mechanical loss; saves over 20% on electricity compared to rigid-drive models.

Razor-sharp cutting

  • Easily cuts the hardest woods, such as zelkova, rosewood, and ebony.

Clip-on hanger included for convenient wall hanging.


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