IBUKI 390 (XL Teeth) Extra blade

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Brand: Silky Saws

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Big Bear Tools offers Silky Saws IBUKI 390 (XL Teeth) Extra blade

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  • Spare shear blade for Ibuki 390 (XL Teeth), a great quality shear blade from Silky Saws. It has a very well-balanced 15-2/5-inch, a curved fixed that which employs proprietary Silky 4-RETSUME (Four Rows of Teeth) Technology in its every cut.
  • It has razor-sharp curved blade infused with 4-row 5.5 per inch teeth set and scabbard. Beyond its striking performance, it is easy to carry and overy effective for the hardest pruning jobs.
  • Offering tremendous cutting speed with less effort with its heavy-duty shear blade with precision-ground trimming technology designed to cut on a full onslaught and provides abrupt, neat, and incredibly polished cutting protocol.
  • The arduous chrome-plated blade has an advanced technology to combat rust and the effects of resin from the trees or shrubs.
  • Favorable for urgent pruning jobs, it is ideal for contentious cutting and urgent chip disposal.
  • This top of the shearing brand made in Japan is designed to be durable, symmetrical, with exemplary finished quality.
  • It is a great combination of convenience, power and high performance, with its comfortable sure-grip handle that certainly grips in your hands, It is easy to use, and wipes grips effortlessly.


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