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The Singing Tree Rope Wrench is a new invention designed for climbing and descending a single part of line in a manner that closely mimics the doubled rope technique (DdRT), as commonly practiced by arborists.

This newest version of the Rope Wrench comes from ISC, and is refined with rounded edges, smooth bolts and pins, and the high-end construction you’d expect from ISC.

In short, the Rope Wrench is designed to create drag above a rope-tied friction hitch to reduce resistance so that it is comparable to the doubled rope technique (DdRT). Without the Rope Wrench, the amount of grip resulting from a directly tied friction hitch supporting a climber’s weight makes controlled descent nearly impossible. The hitch is not only difficult to release, but the heat friction is incredibly high.

The Rope Wrench accommodates ONLY “arborist-grade” climbing lines (11-13 mm) interacting with spliced, heat resistant, eye-to-eye prusik cord (8-10 mm) and requires a micropulley/carabiner attachment to the saddle.

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