KAMISORIME 375 (XL Teeth) Extra blade

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Brand: Silky Saws

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Extra blade for SI-264-27.

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Big Bear Tools offers Silky Saws KAMISORIME 375 (XL Teeth) Extra blade

  • An Original Silky Saws product, KAMISORIME 375 (XL Teeth) Extra blade is a replacement blade for SI-264-37. This top of the line cutter can be use for scraping, trimming or any related work.
  • It has easy detachable mechanism ready for replacement anytime, durability for any kind of paring work, and efficiency with ardous tasks.
  • With its superb heavy-duty performance combined with being lightweight, it provides less fatigue on the hands and joints regardless of frequency of use.
  • With its lenght of 375 mm, 5.5 teeth per inch, and 1.45 mm kerfs, it is the perfect tool box sized extra blade to be kept all the time in one's tool box for an additional cutting job support.
  • This top of the line standard handle shape equipment from the Bear Necessities exquisite tool line up is a work of art, as it provides safety and comfort to every use dedicated to provide pruning support for any kind of pruning jobs, whether ordinary backyard pruning or strenuous backyard plot clearing.
  • This powerful pruning instrument offers steady assistance to any kind of pruning errands. It is easy to use, low maintenance, and can easily adapt to diverse pruning activities with the help of its portable design.
  • With the safety features of spring-loaded blade lock of KAMISORIME 375 (XL Teeth) Extra blade, it provides an assurance of immunity from various kinds of lacerations or cuts, keeping every finger safe. With its smooth cutting action, sharp precision, and compatibility with any kind of hand carving works, it is capable of providing the most proficient seams through its tough teethed blades and cutting slit.


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