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King Arthur Tools Holey Galahad Flat Extreme Course Purple (FEP)

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The Flat Extreme Coarse Purple (FEP) is a 120 Grit Disc for extremely rapid removal, up to 15 -20% faster than using the coarse blue Holey Galahad. Leaves a smooth but coarse finish and best used on flat surfaces.

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Discs can be used on both their face and edge surfaces. Made of durable Tungsten Carbide, there is no heat build up. Fits most 4-1/2" (115mm) and metric (125mm) angle grinders with our Recessed Universal Nut. Maximum 14,000 RPM. Discs are 4" (100mm) in diameter with a 7/8 (22mm) center hole and feature patented structured tungsten carbide teeth bonded to steel discs over the total cutting surface. Tungsten carbide needles are manufactured in a 5-stage patented process. Made in USA.

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