LÖWE 1.104


LÖWE 1.104 LO-1.104

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Anvil Pruner Standard (UNIVERSAL PRUNER No.1)

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This model has made the ORIGINAL LÖWE principle—drawing cut against a fixed anvil—famous all over the world. It is the standard model, million times successfully proven. All parts are separately available and can easily be replaced. Length: 21cm.

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  • Blade: 1001/B
  • Anvil (base): 1002
  • Spring with screw and nut: 1003
  • Bolt with sleeve and nut: 1005
  • Screws with sleeve for anvil: 1006
  • Set spare parts: 1007


C$55.99 In stock
Brand:Original LÖWE
The Bear Necessities Standard fixed anvil model. (0)
LÖWE 1.104





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