LÖWE 5.127 Small ergonomic anvil pruner with pointed blade

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Brand: Original LÖWE

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Small anvil pruner with pointed blade. Same as item 5.124, but with handles swung ergonomically to the inside, for smaller hands.

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Big Bear Tools offers Original LÖWE 5.127 Small ergonomic anvil pruner with pointed blade

  • An Original LÖWE product, LÖWE 5.127 Small ergonomic anvil pruner with a pointed blade is a compact anvil pruner that can be used to trim branches with extraordinary ease. With its superb cutting performance combined with lightest weight, with only 180 g in total, it provides less fatigue on the hands and joints regardless of frequency of use.
  • With its cutting diameter of 16 mm and length of 18 cm, it is the perfect tool box sized pruner to be kept all the time in one's tool box for an additional cutting job support, a device that you can literally put inside your pocket.
  • This top of the line standard handle shape equipment from the Bear Necessities exquisite tool line up is a work of art, as it provides safety and comfort to every use dedicated to provide pruning support for any kind of pruning jobs, whether ordinary backyard pruning or strenuous backyard plot clearing.
  • This powerful pruning instrument offers steady assistance to any kind of pruning errands. It is easy to use, low maintenance, and can easily adapt to diverse pruning activities with the help of its portable design.
  • A heavy-duty work of art tool made meticulously in Germany. Small hand size and very manageable to carry. It is very ideal for smaller hands.
  • It can work either for right or left-hand grip, perfect for pruning branches in very tight, hard to reach areas.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this tool can be used for any day to day pruning duties or comparable tasks.
  • All parts (Blade: 5001/B, Blade pointed: 5021/B, Anvil base: 5002, Anvil base pointed: 5022, Spring with screw and nut: 5003, Bolt with sleeve and nut: 5005, Screws with sleeve for anvil: 1006, and Set spare parts: 5007) are all separately available for purchase, safe to use, and can be easily replaced.

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  • Blade: 5001/B
  • Blade pointed: 5021/B
  • Anvil (base): 5002
  • Anvil (base) pointed: 5022
  • Spring with screw and nut: 5003
  • Bolt with sleeve and nut: 5005
  • Screws with sleeve for anvil: 1006
  • Set spare parts: 5007


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