LÖWE 1.104

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Brand: Original LÖWE

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Anvil Pruner Standard (UNIVERSAL PRUNER No.1)

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Big Bear Tools offers Original LÖWE 1.104

  • An Original LÖWE product, this standard fixed anvil model from our Bear Necessities tool line up is a heavy-duty equipment model that has truly stands from the foundation of ORIGINAL LÖWE principle—drawing cut against a fixed anvil—famous all over the world.
  • It is the standard LÖWE model that brought popularity on the brand for being resilient and adaptable to any needs, from its years of dependability, it is million times successfully proven against other major tool brands in the market.
  • With a maximum length of 21cm, it is very comfortable to hold on and easy to grip through its compact dimension and diameter.
  • All parts (Blade: 1001/B, Anvil base: 1002, Spring with screw and nut: 1003, Bolt with sleeve and nut: 1005, Screws with sleeve for anvil: 1006, and Set spare parts: 1007) are all separately available, can be easily replaced, and can be purchased individually.

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  • Blade: 1001/B
  • Anvil (base): 1002
  • Spring with screw and nut: 1003
  • Bolt with sleeve and nut: 1005
  • Screws with sleeve for anvil: 1006
  • Set spare parts: 1007


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