MASTER 330 (MED Teeth)


MASTER 330  (MED Teeth) SI-147-33

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This heavy-duty woodworking saw is a favorite of carpenters.

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At 11 teeth per 30mm (9 teeth per inch) this aggressive professional makes easy work of post and beam and other related task. The Master is able to rip, slant and crosscut in the trickiest of spaces due to the uniquely tapered blade profile developed by SILKY Japan. Ingenious 4-RETSUME tooth pattern/configuration (there appears to be 4 rows of teeth) provides the Master with super efficient chip discharge. Drawn aluminum rubber overlaid handles allow for exceptional grip in the foulest weather. Replaceable blades are removed and reinstalled with a flip of the rock-solid locking lever. Blades are impulse hardened at tooth tips for chisel-like hardness, performance and efficiency. Made in the land with the longest standing wooden structures: Japan.

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C$77.99 In stock
Brand:Silky Saws
The Bear Necessities A staple saw for framing carpenters. (0) Ideal for plywood and laminated wood. (0)
MASTER 330  (MED Teeth) MASTER 330  (MED Teeth) MASTER 330  (MED Teeth)





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