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Brand: Hultafors

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Hultafors MPL Magnetic is a compact spirit level with a magnet for fast and reliable horizontal and vertical measuring. MPL Magnetic fits in any pocket, making it the perfect companion for everyday work. The strong magnet and V-groove facilitates measurement on flat or curved surfaces, such as pipes, beams etc. It features a crush-proof focus vial with a +60% magnifying effect and a luminescent reflector for faster and better readability in dim light conditions. Made in polyamide and reinforced with fiberglass.

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  • Compact size
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical measuring
  • V-groove for measurement on flat or curved surfaces
  • Tolerance in normal position is 0.75 mm/m
  • Crush-proof focus vial with magnifying effect
  • Length: 68 mm

What is a spirit level's sensitivity?

The sensitivity of the vial determines how quickly the bubble moves when one end of the spirit level is lifted. The higher the sensitivity the more precise the spirit level is. This means that the bubble of a more precise spirit level reacts more when one end of the spirit level is lifted.
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What is a spirit level's tolerance?

Manufacturing tolerance is the sum of all possible minor and microscopically small errors during production. Tolerance is thus the divergence from sensitivity, and the smaller the value the better.
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