Notch BIG SHOT with Berger Telescoping Pole

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Brand: SHERRILLtree

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The long awaited and highly sought after telescoping BIG SHOT is here, and we couldn’t be any more impressed! It was at a European trade event that SHERRILLtree saw a BIG SHOT mounted on a Berger telescoping pole, and approached it with their given skepticism. After years of testing other telescoping poles, they had yet to find one that was a fit for the BIG SHOT. They were always too heavy, too bulky, or simply couldn’t handle the force.

When SHERRILL picked up this 46 oz Berger pole, they really liked the weight. Then, they extended it and gave the BIG SHOT a pull. The pole held its extension! After the show, they began testing out the Berger poles in their facility and confirmed that they had found the winner.

Finally, a telescoping pole for the BIG SHOT! Now, users have a greater max height pole, that can be fully adjusted to any height between 6 and 10.5 feet. When using this at max height, it can add up to 15 lbs to your pulling power. The collapsed height of the pole is 6 ft, which makes for easy storage and transportation.

This BIG SHOT with telescoping Berger pole takes your line launching to a whole new level.

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  • Weight: 1.80 lb.
  • Brand: SHERRILLtree


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