Rope Logic CHOOK With Winch Line 5/16inx 150ft

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The Chippable hook or CHOOK, is newly developed by Yale Cordage. The inspiration came when we heard that someone caused thousands of dollars of damage to their wood chipper, by accidentally chipping a steel hook. This revolutionary connector allows users to easily choke off the load, either directly to the Winch line, or to a sling which will reduce abrasion to the top of the line.

The CHOOK is made of a high density polymer which gives it a 2,200Lbs Safe Working load, and is professionally spliced by Yale’s rigging shop to a length of Yale Ultrex, with a Chafe sleeve for added protection.

NOTE: Chipping a winch line is extremely dangerous and can result in equipment damage, serious injury, or even death.

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Length - 100 ft

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