Rope Logic's 1/2in WireCore 2N1 Lanyard ISC Aluminum Snaps 10ft

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Brand: Notch Equipment

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Wire-core 2-N-1 Lanyard with ISC aluminum locking snaps!

For as long as wirecore lanyards have been around, they’ve come with steel snaps. D-rings used to be steel, and the wire core ends used to be uncovered, so it made sense to have steel-on-steel contact.

Those days are over. Modern saddles utilize aluminum D-rings. SherrillTree-produced wire-core lanyards have the steel-core encased throughout the entire lanyard.

*This product will come in ORANGE or GREEN wirecore. (Wirecore rope color MAY NOT match the image shown)*

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  • Weight: 1.54 lb.
  • Length: 10 ft.


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