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SHERRILLtree Green Laser Pointer

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Lead your customer and crew along to more accurate work after pointing to specific limbs in bright daylight.

Have you or a crew member ever removed the wrong limb from a customer’s tree due to miscommunication by you or the client? Have you ever experienced frustration from not being able to clearly identify a target to a crane operator? Would you consider it helpful when training a new worker about overhead hazards to point them out from the ground? If the answer is yes, perhaps you should reach for “the brightest dot” known to man. SHERRILLtree’s green laser provides the brightest spectrum visible to the human eye, and can be seen in full daylight and from considerable distance.

Thanks to the recommendation of arborist Mike Kraus of Hilo, Hawaii, SHERRILLtree was the first to present this time- and customer-saving device to professional tree workers back in 2003. This is the brightest handheld laser legally available in the US and UK.

In the USA: This laser product is certified as compliant with FDA regulations.

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  • Weight: 0.50 lbs.
  • Brand: SHERRILLtree


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