Saw-Tooth Sickle (170mm) — Stainless

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Brand: Gyokucho

Big Bear Tools offers Gyokucho Saw-Tooth Sickle (170mm) — Stainless

  • An Original Gyokucho product, Saw-Tooth Sickle (170mm) — Stainless is a compact Japanese weeding sickle for heavily overgrown gardens that can be used to cut grasses with astounding ease. With its compact size of 170 mm, it is the perfect sized weeder to be kept all the time in one's toolbox for additional cutting work support.
  • This top of the class standard shape equipment from the Bear Necessities exquisite tool line up is a work of art, as it provides safety and comfort to every use dedicated to delivering weeding support for any kind of cutting jobs, whether ordinary plot weeding or vigorous backyard plot clearing.
  • This powerful weeding device offers steady assistance to any kind of weeding chores. With an easy to grasp handle width, it is simple to use, low maintenance, It is very safe to carry, and can effortlessly adapt to diverse cutting activities with the help of its portable design to perform comfortable weeding experience.
  • This heavy-duty work of art tool from our Bear Necessities tool line up is incredible equipment made meticulously and engineered to perfectly aligned with your specific needs.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this tool can be used for any day to day weeding tasks or similar jobs.
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