Shapton KUROMAKU "Orange" Waterstone

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This semi-fine stone is used for prepping a final edge. This will smooth out the initially rough edge left by by a coarse stone and will allow you to prep the edge for final finish with a very fine stone such as the 5000 grit. It's still pretty fine though, so don't expect to really do a lot of work on a seriously dull edge with a 1000 grit stone!

These Kuromaku/Professional series stones are fast cutting and long-lasting, offering nice sharpening feedback while still being very hard so they resist dishing nicely. Note that these are splash-and-go, so do not soak these stones.

It stones come in a convenient plastic case that also doubles as a stone holder, though the affordable Naniwa universal/adjustable stone holder also works fine for these stones and will certainly be more stable and secure.

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210mm x 70mm, 15mm thick.

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