Silky Gun Fighter Professional Saw

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Marking 100 years of Saw making experience, silky is proud to introduce the new gunfighter Saw line. Silky begins with the highest grade of premium Japanese steel available on any silky product. This combined with Taper grinding, progressive teeth, new electroless nickel plating (end), and silky's patented dual roller locking mechanism results in the fastest and smoothest handsaw of its size. the ingenious design of the gunfighter's progressive teeth makes for easier starts to each stroke, while still taking advantage of larger, faster cutting silky teeth. so, the job gets done quicker and you are left with more time and energy for other tasks.

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  • Highest grade JAPANESE steel used on any silky product
  • Taper ground blade with non-set teeth
  • Progressive teeth (6-8.5 teeth/30mm) are finer near the handle and get Progressive larger allowing for smooth starts and productive finish of each stroke
  • Electroless nickel plating (end) provides more wear and rust resistance leading to greater longevity
  • Tool less Blade change - just pull the trigger

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