Silky TAKERU-BOY 240mm X-Fine Teeth

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Brand: Silky Saws

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Silky’s TAKERU-BOY is the only saw on the market offering the ‘butterfly’ handle. This exclusive design allows 22.25-inch total length saw, including handle, to fold down to only 11.75 inches for storage.

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Not only is the TAKERU-BOY the perfect saw that fits into compact spaces, but both blade edges (for cross-cut and rip-cut) are protected from inadvertent bumps and nicks. Manufactured from superior SK4 Japanese steel, and using Silky’s proprietary manufacturing process, expect the TAKERU-BOY to produce quality cuts time after time. Where winning design meets a winning performance with every project, Silky’s TAKERU-BOY is setting a new standard in folding saw excellence.

  • The taper ground blade with non set teeth demands less effort and gives a smoother finish
  • Hard chrome plating produces an exceedingly high durable surface, and is resistant to rust and the effects of resin
  • The teeth of the blades are impulse-hardened, so they stay sharp about three times longer than non-hardened teeth
  • Mirai-Me: The blade has 4 cutting angles along its length; it leaves a smooth surface after cutting and can rip-cut, cross-cut, and slant-cut


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