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The MST level is our strongest and most sensitive spirit level. Crush-proof block vials that are UV-resistant and withstand temperature changes, with a +30% magnification lens and luminescent reflector for easier reading. Made from strong aluminium profile measuring 100x25 mm, weighing 1180 g. Easy to clean and equipped with ergonomic handles.

Additional information: The vials of the new improved MST are calibrated from factory to secure accuracy of the product. It is not possible to re-calibrate the vials, and not possible to remove the plastic cover, in order to make sure that the vials are protected in their calibrated position.

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  • The radius of each vial is 2000 mm, giving a sensitivity of 1 mm/m.
  • Tolerance in normal position is ±0.3 mm/m.
  • Slots in the Aluminum profile makes it possible to fasten the level against the wall for easier mounting of example cabinets.
  • The liquid in the vial is highly resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature fluctuations and gives the bubble optimal freedom of movement.
  • The anti-static properties of the liquid means that the bubble is not affected by static electricity.
  • Length: 1800 mm

What is a spirit level's sensitivity?

The sensitivity of the vial determines how quickly the bubble moves when one end of the spirit level is lifted. The higher the sensitivity the more precise the spirit level is. This means that the bubble of a more precise spirit level reacts more when one end of the spirit level is lifted.
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What is a spirit level's tolerance?

Manufacturing tolerance is the sum of all possible minor and microscopically small errors during production. Tolerance is thus the divergence from sensitivity, and the smaller the value the better.
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