Tuatahi Kingi Work Axe, 3.2 kg

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Looking for the best axe in the world?

Each Tuatahi Kingi Work Axe is hand crafted by the Tuatahi Racing Axes and Saws family, for yours. Because each axe is individually hand forged from the highest quality tool steel, there may be slight variations in weight, but each axe is approximately:

  • Weight: 3.2kg (once the handle is fitted)
  • Handle length: 66cm (from the end of the handle to the axe head, not including the axe)
  • Blade width: ~18.2cm wide from tip to tip (or heel to toe)
  • Blade lenth: ~18.5cm long measured from the highest point on the blade

Each head is hand forged from a block of the highest quality tool-steel, and individually hardened, tempered, and ground. You will notice that every Kingi axe has its own unique number on the head of the axe, which Tuatahi uses to record their manufacturing processes and heat treatment.

The axe is perfectly balanced with a hickory handle which is also manufactured at Tuatahi in New Zealand. American Hickory green is imported, and then dried and turned into a high quality handle. Every single billot is hand selected with very specific grain and quality requirements.

made in NZ

Download the care guide: Caring-for-your-Tuatahi-Kingi-Work-axe.pdf

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