XTC Fire Climbing Rope with Tight Eye

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Brand: Yale Cordage

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This rope was designed specifically for the demanding needs of the professional arborist. 1/2” XTC 16 meets CE0120 EN1891 Type-A.

Key Features:

  • Professional grade
  • Smoother cover runs well through cammed devices
  • Tightest cover braid in the industry

XTC 16 is a tight braid consisting of 16 individual strands of polyester. A high-twist core of torque-balanced polyester keeps the construction firm and round, providing an extra measure of safety. XTC 16 is an excellent choice for both climbing line and bull rope due to its no snagging, abrasion-resistant construction and excellent energy absorption characteristics.

Fire is the highest-visibility climbing line ever seen in the industry. Fire is specifically designed for the demanding needs of arborists.

[tab name="Technical Specs"]

  • Diameter: 1/2 in.
  • Average Break Strength: 6200 lbs.
  • Suggested Design Factor 10:1: 620 lbs
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs/100 ft.
  • Certification: CE0120 EN1891 Type-A


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