Axe Jig


Axe Jig TO-SVA-170

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Jig for sharpening carving and carpenter's axes.

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The head of the axe supports freely on the rubber lined stop so you can follow the shape of an individual edge, straight or curved. The jig comprises a clamp with a rubber lined, wedge shaped stop, which holds the axe in a fixed position towards the grindstone. The clamp works on the Universal Support, on which it slides across the stone. The jig is designed so that the rotation of the stone presses the axe firmly into the jig. You only need to hold and guide the axe with your hands. This jig only works with the stone running towards the edge. If necessary, the honing wheel can be removed to allow clearance for the axe handle.

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C$24.99 In stock
Brand:Tormek Sharpening
The Bear Necessities You will be surprised to see how sharp you can get an axe. (0) The jig firmly supports the axe, and enable you to sharpen it with a constant edge angle. (0)
Axe Jig


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