GOMBOY 240 (Fine Teeth)


GOMBOY 240 (Fine Teeth) SI-290-24

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Another great carpentry saw from SILKY. 24 centimeters or 9 ½ inches, this Gomboy gives just a little extra draw on the pullstroke. Retaining the same specs as the rest of the Gomboys such as electronically hardened teeth, a hard-chrome blade treatment, SK-4 Japanese steel blade and rubber cushioned handle, this saw comes ready to work! 12 teeth per inch for exacting cuts in dry lumber. Blades can be purchased separately and are interchangeable. Made in Japan.

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  • Blade length: 9.5 in.
  • Teeth per inch: 12

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C$57.99 In stock
Brand:Silky Saws
The Bear Necessities 24 cm blade. (0)
GOMBOY 240 (Fine Teeth)


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