HIBIKI RYOBA 210 (X-Fine Teeth)


HIBIKI RYOBA 210 (X-Fine Teeth) SI-396-21

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New Silky HIBIKI RYOBA-type saw with 8-1/3-inch blade for rip-cut and cross-cut. Utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology - The Teeth of the Future! Ultimate quality coupled with terrific features. Taper-ground impulse-hardened blades allow fluid, tear-free straight cuts. To reduce sticking and tarnishing, the blades are hard chrome-plated and mirror-polished. This saw features a no-set Japanese tooth pattern with elegantly tapered ground blades. This means you get an amazingly thin kerf of 0.95 mm (0.037 inch) with little, if any, binding or wandering off the layout line. Comes with a grey plastic sheath for storage and carrying on the belt. Made in Japan.

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  • Teeth per inch: 18.6
  • Length : 19.3 in, 8.3 in
  • Material : Rubber, Steel
  • Metal : SK4 High Carbon Steel
  • Kerf : 0.9 mm
  • Color : Silver, White


C$78.99 In stock
Brand:Silky Saws
The Bear Necessities 210mm straight hand saw. (0) 8.3-in blade 19.25-in overall length. (0) 18.6 teeth per inch. (0) 0.76 lbs. (0)
HIBIKI RYOBA 210 (X-Fine Teeth) HIBIKI RYOBA 210 (X-Fine Teeth) HIBIKI RYOBA 210 (X-Fine Teeth)


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