LÖWE 3.304/HÜ


LÖWE 3.304/HÜ LO-3.304-HU

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Mitre cutters with extended blades for precise and clean mitre cutting in slats, profiles, plastic, rubber, or wooden materials.

The LÖWE 3.304/HÜ is 24.5 cm long, and ideal for cutting very hard materials up to 70mm×10mm.

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  • Length: 24.5 cm
  • Weight: 415 g
  • Left- or right-handed


C$123.99 In stock
Brand:Original LÖWE
The Bear Necessities With stop faces at 45°. (0) Suited to mitre cuts in flat and hard mouldings. (0)
LÖWE 3.304/HÜ LÖWE 3.304/HÜ





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