MINI-MINI 2 (Metal X-Fine Teeth)


MINI-MINI 2 (Metal X-Fine Teeth) SI-166-15

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Small and compact handsaw with a 6 inch fixed blade for cuts in non-ferrous metals, pot metals, etc.

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A perfect little saw for the model or jewelry maker with 36 teeth per inch or 42 extra fine teeth per 30mm. Comfortable rubberized handle. Blade cuts on either the push or pullstroke. Plastic blade cover included. All Mini-Mini blades are compatible with each handle. Made in Japan.


C$29.99 In stock
Brand:Silky Saws
The Bear Necessities Blade length: 150mm. (0) Teeth per inch: 35.6. (0) Weight: 135g. (0) Kerf: 0.82mm. (0)
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