FELCO 310 Fruit Harvesting Pruner


FELCO 310 Fruit Harvesting Pruner FE-FELCO-310

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One-hand pruning shear—essential snip for fruit harvesting.

[tab name="Technical Specs"]

Picking and trimming snips equipped with two long, slender tab-notched

blades which ensure easy access to vines that require pruning and fruits

that need picking; for example, bunches of grapes.

  • Cutting diameter: 10 mm
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Length: 185 mm
  • Made in Switzerland


C$24.99 In stock
The Bear Necessities Affordable One-Hand Pruner (0)
Extras None (0) Include FE-5/3 (Extra Blade) (16.99) Include FE-5/94 (Bolt and Nut Set) (16.99) Include FE-5/91 (Replacement Springs) (9.99) Include FE-FELCO-980 (Spray) (19.99) Include FE-SWISS-SHARP (iSTOR Sharpener) (27.99) Include FE-FELCO-910 (Leather holster w/belt loop and clip) (16.99) Include FE-FELCO-912 (Leather holster w/belt clip) (15.99) Include FE-FELCO-919 (Belt style leather holster) (15.99)
FELCO 310 Fruit Harvesting Pruner





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