NATA 240mm (Single Edge)


NATA 240mm (Single Edge) SI-557-24

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240mm Single Edged Hatchet. The Silky Nata is a unique 'machete' from Japan. The single edge, mono-construction blade is made from a special alloy using traditional Japanese sword steel making methods and is designed to keep its edge longer, even with continual use. The non-slip rubber handle is designed to reduce impact on the hand by up to 60%, making the Nata ideal for heavy duty applications. The blade is perfectly weighed to swing smoothly to ensure a very efficient cut. Ideal for de-limbing and clearing brush. Comes with a hard plastic sheath and easy-release belt clip.

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  • Blade length: 240mm (9.5 inch)
  • Weight: 889 g

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Brand:Silky Saws
The Bear Necessities Blade length 240mm (9.5"). (0) Weight 875g. (0)
NATA 240mm (Single Edge)