Trekking Axe Classic


Trekking Axe Classic HJ-HU-840701

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A small, practical outdoors axe, hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel using traditional methods in use since 1697. The steel is struck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe. Excellent for use in the great outdoors, can tackle most jobs.

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  • Can be attached to a belt.
  • Has a clear hard zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge.
  • An edge protector is included with the axe.
  • Hickory shaft.
  • Presented in a gift box.
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Shaft length: 375 mm

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Trekking Axe Classic Trekking Axe Classic