Carpenter's Square TMV


Carpenter's Square TMV HU-251*03

[tab name="Overview"]

Carpenter’s square with epoxy-lacquered steel stock and millimetre graduations on the upper and lower edges of the blade.

[tab name="Technical Specs"]

  • Yellow epoxy-lacquered steel square.
  • Tolerance ±1.0 mm/m.
  • Screen printed mm graduations.
  • Fixed/Adjustable: Fixed
  • Blade length: 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm


C$77.99 In stock
The Bear Necessities Epoxy-lacquered steel stock. (0)
Blade Length HU-251003 60 cm (0) HU-251103 80 cm (10) HU-251203 100 cm (27)
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