About Us

Big Bear Tools is a Canadian wholesaler of high-quality edge tools and related products, including pruners, axes, arborist gear, and sharpening equipment. As a company, we take pride in providing the top of the line outdoor sharp tools, sharpening equipment, and arborist gear. Whether for simple backyard gardening, kitchen cuisine works, or outdoor and mountain camping and hunting, Big Bear Tools is here to provide the best quality tools and equipment that you need.

Started in 1999 by Victor Asaoka, David and Stephen Street, Big Bear Tools began with the intention of bringing the highest-quality edge tools and edge tool related products to the North American tradesperson. For that same reason, we believe as a company that the quality of products we offer depends and relies on the connection between our trade partners and clients. Our core value stands in a foundation of hard work, collective trust, and a top-notch customer service relationship that we have in each patron that we serve every day. As we continue to innovate the quality of service we have, we continue to strive in improving our product line-up tailor fitting it to the demands of the daily grind of blades and teeth. It greatly translates to the two decades of accountability and trust we built, hand-in-hand with our customers, clients, and dealers.

Over 20 years later, Big Bear Tools has seen a strong following develop, and an extensive dealer network to go with it. We continue to grow by creating new pathways and opportunities, checking new ideas in the high-quality import markets from Sweden and Germany to Japan and America for new products to offer. With great plans for the future, Big Bear Tools in its third decade is more hotly in pursuit of the highest quality edge tools available today. Seeing a bright future ahead, we aim to continue including more product options and materials that will help our customers improve their everyday lives. We stand prepared to adapt to the constant changes in our technology and society. At Big Bear Tools, we don’t just offer what you desire, but we extend another mile by offering options that will accommodate your greater convenience and adapt to your future needs.

At Big Bear Tools, we carry a vast line of manual and mechanical equipment, ranging from pruners, axes, arborist gear, and sharpening equipment. We don’t just settle for something that will satisfy your wants, with our wide range of products, tools, and machines, we categorize our line up via brands, needs, and availability, making sure that there is always something to choose from. From forest gear, handyman tools, or knives for cooking, there is something that suits your needs. Search our store for more!

Big Bear is proud to showcase the best tools from the top brands in the market. We partner with different dealers and providers of repute, so that we may deliver satisfactory store to client transactions. Big Bear Tools always makes sure that every product we offer is the best of the best, with quality brands like Silky Saws, Hultafors, Tormek, Original LÖWE, Notch Equipment, Weaver Leather, Fred Marvin, and more. With excellent products as our banner flag, we infused mint quality with safety and up to date standards, making sure that we won’t compromise the security and protection of our valued customers. At Big Bear Tools, we are honored to offer great value as we secure confidence from our clients through the quality of saws and related tools in our store.

Quality remains the most relevant mantra to this day and into the future for Big Bear Tools. With all of the technological advancements, movements in sales pipelines, and society’s ever-changing needs, we always go back to the basics, which is to prioritize integrity and quality with the set of products we offer. At Big Bear Tools, we always value the quality of products that we provide more than anything else. As we continue to live by the virtue of quality service with our company, we constantly check the products on our shelves. Our family of staff and crew, and our dealers, are smiling back at you, offering you not only personalized service, but to remain part of your ongoing needs. We always value your business. Check with us regularly— there are certainly surprises ahead! There are great tools to find, and our crew is here to serve!

Many thanks for your interest in fine tools and equipment! We share the interest with you.

Dave Street


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105-19181 34A Ave
Surrey, BC V3Z 0Z7